New on SynfulMindz

  • Currency Selection

    We added a currency selector to SynfulMindz.

    Prices on SynfulMindz will be calculated from Euro to the selected new currency.
    The Reference rates are being provided by the European Central Bank (ECB) and will be updated daily.
    Orders are processed in Euro. This means, when you enter the checkout, the currency will be reset back to Euro.

  • Lil' Clothroom How To

    You know, we to create a lot of Dynamic Clothing, because we really love the possibilities of Dynamic Clothing.
    And for those, who are really not familiar with this subject, we made a little "How To Get Started"

  • Very Synful Persons Club

    The VSP Club just opened its gates!

    No monthly fee, no annual fee!
    BUT... it is not that easy to gain this privilege!

    Very Synful Persons receive a 5% off bonus on every of their orders, yes
    you can shop as much as you want and always get the discount.
    You can combine the discount with other coupons or vouchers.

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