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  • Big Poses Sale

    From today through Monday, December 3rd 2018 most of our poses for Genesis 3 Female and Male, and Genesis 8 Female and Male are on a 55% off sale!

    This also includes expressions and props with poses!


  • 12. Birthday

    Today, exactly twelve years ago, we opened the gates of
    We are still very proud of our now teenager store, with all its good and bad times.
    But we only want to celebrate a bit, as business continues.

  • Our 10. Birthday!

    On the 6th of September celebrates its 10th Birthday!
    It's unbelievable, how fast time flies, if you like what you are doing.

    In order to celebrate this special event, we would like to start a little contest,
    though it is more a "Praise Us Nicely" challenge. ;-)

    Write down in a few sentences, what you like us for, how we influenced your work in
    the past ten years or anything else we did to you ;-) 
    Yes, we need love too and your praise will charge our batteries for the next ten years. :D