's 10. Birthday - Birthday Greetings

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Nemain & Angus


Dear Synfulmindz team,

I may have not been a member of your side for a long time. I actually stumpled across it by chance while browsing DA. My mind was blown away once seeing the ammount of content you provide for us. Being an Artist myself your clothing immediately gave inspiration to any number of scenes.

Sometimes its the small details that matter. In my case your products filled a critical gap I had in achieving some renders that I simply could not do before.

Here are a few samples I created with your wonderfull products

The Lingerie in the middle

The Nipple jewelry

This website has not only been bookmarked by my but follows my daily  routine in checking for updates and my next purchase.

In closing I just want to say thankyou for providing us with such wonderful content.

Your loyal customer



Happy Birthday, SynfulMindz aka Nemain and Angus!!!

May you continue to add a synful taste to the 3D world!

I came here a few years ago, because I was looking for real fetish clothing, and with the help of Angus, I found out, that the products here are unfortunately not for real humans, but for ladies like Victoria4 and now G3F.
You are responsible for my start with 3D!!!

Nowadays, I even switched from Poser to Daz Studio, because your new items are no longer Poser related ;-)

Again, Happy Birthday, and thank you for all the fun.




One of my lifelong plans was to be an erotic pinup style artists. At the ripe old age of 49, finding myself accomplishing most all other endeavors, I decided to finally take a crack at it. Almost to a point of having enough content to have a site or page for my work. After finding and purchasing your products elsewhere, the jump was made directly to SynfulMindz and Naughtmindz. I was delighted to find exclusive content. Your products have helped me become better at this craft not only because of their quality but by helping me stay involved and interested. Thank you and all the best for another decade of prosperity and hapiness.

I remember, the first time I came into contact with Poser (and later DAZ Studio) was, when I found SynfulMindz and the works of Nemain Ravenwood and AngusD.

Of course, I was no stranger to CGI, but the latex and all the shiny stuff from SynfulMindz was different (in a good way; in a very, very goof way :D ) and I was hooked.

In all those 10 years (wow!!!), I could be sure, whenever I visited, they made was something awesome.

Keep up the cool and awesome works, guys!


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Wow, thank you so much, the coupon will be well spent :D