Filesharing hurts us, don't do it! You obviously like our stuff, so support us by buying it

Hello. I was banned recently (for downloading filesshares) and was wondering how can I support the site while banned? I never heard of this site before until recently an I would love to buy some of the things here but because I was banned for that I can't as I'm not even allowed to go to the checkout page. I understand if you don't unban for what I did, which is fine. I only download things because I'm not exactly rich. Hopefully you understand what I mean, thank you for your time.



and of course you wouldn't upload the bought stuff to any of those sites.
We are not rich either, do we steal stuff from the supermarket, because we are hungry?
Do you know, how much time we spend creating our items?

Obviously not, otherwise you wouldn't do filesharing.
Your account remains banned.

Nemain & Angus