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Vulcana Dress G3F
Thera Set G3F

Thera - an outfit like an erruption!
Add this set to your digital wardrobe and your G3Fs will love it!

You get:
-Thera Neckcorset for G3F
-Thera Top for G3F
-Thera Cincher for G3F
-Thera Thong for G3F
-5 Mats, iray optimized

Included Morphs:

Thera Cincher:
Bethany7, Genevieve7, Gia7
Girl7, Karen7, Rune7
BodybuilderSize, ExpandAll
BreastsHeavy, BreastsSize
BreastsShape01, BreastsShape02, BreastsShape03, BreastsShape04
BreastsShape05, BreastsShape06, BreastsShape07, BreastsShape08
Adjust FrontOut 01, Adjust FrontOut 02, Adjust FrontOut 03, Adjust FrontOut 04
Adjust StrapL 01, Adjust StrapL 02, Adjust StrapL 03, Adjust StrapL 04
Adjust StrapL 05, Adjust StrapL 06, Adjust StrapL 07
Adjust StrapR 01, Adjust StrapR 02, Adjust StrapR 03, Adjust StrapR 04
Adjust StrapR 05, Adjust StrapR 06, Adjust StrapR 07,

Thera Neckcorset:
Bethany7, Eva7, Genevieve7
Gia7, Karen7, Olympia7, Rune7
BodybuilderSize, ExpandAll

Thera Thong:
Genevieve7, Gia7, Karen7, Olympia7
BodybuilderSize, ExpandAll
Adjust Back, Adjust Front
Adjust BackL 01, Adjust BackL 02
Adjust BackR 01, Adjust BackR 02
Adjust Crotch 01, Adjust Crotch 02
Adjust FrontL 01, Adjust FrontL 02
Adjust FrontR 01, Adjust FrontR 02
Adjust SideL 01, Adjust SideL 02
Adjust SideR 01, Adjust SideR 02

Thera Top:
Adjust CenterL, Adjust CenterR
Adjust LiftL, Adjust LiftR

You need:
  • Genesis 3
  • DAZ Studio 4.8+
  • Does not work in Poser

This product was added to our catalog on Sunday 22 January, 2017.

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