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Stretching Rack G8F

Time to make yourself comfortable. Once you're strapped in, you won't go anywhere.
This stretching rack belongs to every household.

You get:
- Stretching Rack
- Gloves for G8F
- 5 Poses for G8F

Morphs included:
Adjust Move Back-Front L, Adjust Move Back-Front R
Adjust Move Down-Up L, Adjust Move Down-Up R
Adjust PullOut Left, Adjust PullOut Right
Adjust Rotate Back-Front L, Adjust Rotate Back-Front R
Adjust Rotate Back L, Adjust Rotate Back R
Adjust Rotate Down L, Adjust Rotate Down R
Adjust Rotate Down-Up L, Adjust Rotate Down-Up R
Adjust Rotate Front L, Adjust Rotate Front R
Adjust Rotate Up L, Adjust Rotate Up R

Open Pillory
PinLeft Up, PinRight Up

Note: The Rack has a "Poses Preset" Dial, which rotates the Rack in the corresponding position for each pose.
You may have to adjust the Gloves with the included morphs to connect them to the chains.
The chains are Easy Pose, parented to the wrench and have 100 links each, but only 84 are visible on each chain. The remaining 16 links are "just in case".
The pillows are props, parented to the Rack. You may have to hide and/or move some of them for some of the included poses.

You need:
  • Genesis 8 Female
  • Does not work in Poser
  • DAZ Studio 4.12+

This product was added to our catalog on Friday 24 January, 2020.

Interactive License (+$30.00)