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Shadow Gloves G8F
Provocative Bikini G8F

The temperatures are rising!
No need for lots of fabric layers, so this Bikini might cool down Genesis8's body, but
not the mind!

You get:
-Collar for Genesis8Females
-Top for Genesis8Females
-Thong for Genesis8Females
-Wearable preset
-5 Mats, iray optimized

Included Morphs:

CJ8, Daisy8, Gabriela8, Girl8
Latonya8, Monique8, Olympia8, Sahira8
FitnessSize, Voluptuous
Adjust Back, Adjust Front, Adjust Left, Adjust Right

CJ8, Daisy8, Gabriela8, Girl8
Latonya8, Monique8, Olympia8, Sahira8
Emaciated, FitnessSize, Voluptuous
Adjust Back, Adjust BackL, Adjust BackR
Adjust Crotch, Adjust CrotchBack, Adjust CrotchFront
Adjust Front, Adjust FrontL, Adjust FrontR
Adjust Glutes
Adjust HipFront, Adjust HipFrontL, Adjust HipFrontR
Adjust HipL, Adjust HipR


Aiko8, Alawa8, Bridget8, CJ8, Daisy8
Ellithia8,Gabriela8, Gia8, Girl8, Kala8
Kanade8, Kayo8, Latonya8, Leisa8, MeiLin8
Monique8, Olympia8, Sahira8, Sakura8
Sydney8, Tasha8
FitnessSize, Voluptuous
BreastsCleavage, BreastsDiameter, BreastsHeavy
BreastsImplants, BreastsNatural
BreastsShape01, BreastsShape02, BreastsShape03
BreastsShape04, BreastsShape05, BreastsShape06
BreastsShape07, BreastsShape08
BreastsSize, BreastsSmall, BreastsUnderCurve
Adjust Back
Adjust BreastL, Adjust BreastLCenterBF, Adjust BreastLCenterDU
Adjust BreastLCenterRL, Adjust BreastLInside, Adjust BreastLOutside
Adjust BreastLTop, Adjust BreastLUnderside
Adjust BreastR, Adjust BreastRCenterBF, Adjust BreastRCenterDU
Adjust BreastRCenterLR, Adjust BreastRLInside, Adjust BreastROutside
Adjust BreastRTop, Adjust BreastRUnderside
Adjust BreastsCenter, Adjust BreastsCenterDU
Adjust ChestL, Adjust ChestLBack
Adjust ChestR, Adjust ChestRBack
Adjust NeckBack, Adjust NeckFront, Adjust NeckLeft, Adjust NeckRight
Adjust StrapChestL, Adjust StrapChestR

You need:
  • Genesis 8 Female
  • Does not work in Poser
  • DAZ Studio 4.12+

This product was added to our catalog on Friday 07 August, 2020.

Interactive License (+$50.00)