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Ponytail Hood G8F

This Ponytail Hood is a must have for every (fetish) wardrobe.
Turn your G8F into the perfect rubberdoll with thid hood.

You get:
- Hood Figure for G8F
- Ponytail Prop (attached to the Hood)
- Ponytail Hood wearable
- 5 Mats for the Hood
- 5 Mats for the Ponytail
- Ear In Morph for G8F

Morphs included:
Aiko8, Alexandra8, Babina8, Bridget8
CJ8, Charlotte8, Eva8, Gabriela8, Gia8
Girl8, Josephene8, Kala8, Latonya8
Leisa8, MeiLin8, Monique8, Olympia8
Sakura8, Sydney8, Tasha8, Victoria8
Emaciated, Heavy
CheeksDepth, CheeksSink
NoseBump, NoseFleshSize, NoseRidge, NoseWidth
Adjust BrowL, Adjust BrowR
Adjust CheekL, Adjust CheekR
Adjust Chin, Adjust ChinL, Adjust ChinR
Adjust EarL, Adjust EarR
Adjust EarlobeL, Adjust EarlobeR
Adjust EyeLBottom, Adjust EyeLOutside
Adjust EyeRBottom, Adjust EyeROutside
Adjust Face, Adjust FaceL, Adjust FaceR
Adjust Forehead, Adjust ForeheadLeft, Adjust ForeheadRight
Adjust HeadBack, Adjust HeadBackL, Adjust HeadBackR
Adjust HeadL, Adjust HeadR, Adjust HeadTop
Adjust JawL, Adjust JawLower, Adjust JawR
Adjust LipBottom, Adjust LipLeft, Adjust LipRight, Adjust LipUpper
Adjust NeckBack, Adjust NeckFront, Adjust NeckL, Adjust NeckR
Adjust NoseBottom, Adjust NoseBridge, Adjust NoseTip
Adjust NoseTipExpand, Adjust NoseTipRaise
Adjust NoseWingL, Adjust NoseWingR
Adjust TempleL, Adjust TempleR

Eva8, Gabriela8, Gia8, Girl8
Kala8, Latonya8, Leisa8, MeiLin8
Monique8, Olympia8, Sakura8, Tasha8
Adjust Move Down-Up, Adjust Move In-Out
Adjust TailLeft, Adjust TailLeft2
Adjust TailLength
Adjust TailLift, Adjust TailRaise
Adjust TailRight, Adjust TailRight2
Adjust TailTip
Adjust TailTwistLeft, Adjust TailTwistRight
Move Ponytail Left, Move Ponytail Right
Move Ponytail RightBack, Move Ponytail LeftBack

Note: The Ponytail is a prop attached to the hood. You can move it freely, or
use the included morphs to place the Ponytail on different parts of the hood.
You can also load more Ponytails and create unique styles.

You need:
  • Genesis 8
  • Does not work in Poser
  • DAZ Studio 4.12+

This product was added to our catalog on Saturday 02 May, 2020.

Interactive License (+$50.00)