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Long For Me G3F
Don't have ordinary Queens, it's time for an Empress!
With this carefully modeled headpiece all your girls will stood out
of the digital crowd.

You get:
-Empress Headpiece for Genesis3Female
-5 Mats, iray optimized

Included morphs:

Adjust Center Rod, Adjust Rods All, Adjust Rods Chain
Adjust Rods LR 01, Adjust Rods Move LR 02
Adjust Veil Down, Adjust Veil Front 2, Adjust Veil Front
Adjust Veil Sides 2, Adjust Veil Shape, Adjust Veil Sides
Lift Veil
Adjust Cheeks, Adjust Forehead, Adjust HeadGear
Bend LChainIn (Hard), Bend LChainIn Lower, Bend LChainIn Upper
Bend LChainMid (Hard), Bend LChainMid Lower, Bend LChainMid Upper
Bend LChainOut (Hard), Bend LChainOut Lower, Bend LChainOut Upper
Bend RChainIn (Hard), Bend RChainIn Lower, Bend RChainIn Upper
Bend RChainMid (Hard), Bend RChainMid Lower, Bend RChainMid Upper
Bend RChainOut (Hard), Bend RChainOut Lower, Bend RChainOut Upper
Move Front-Back LChainIn, Move Front-Back LChainMid, Move Front-Back LChainOut
Move Front-Back RChainIn, Move Front-Back RChainMid, Move Front-Back RChainOut
Move Left-Right LChainIn, Move Left-Right LChainMid, Move Left-Right LChainOut
Move Left-Right RChainIn, Move Left-Right RChainMid, Move Left-Right RChainOut
Side-Side LChainIn (Hard), Side-Side LChainIn Lower, Side-Side LChainIn Upper
Side-Side LChainMid (Hard), Side-Side LChainMid Lower, Side-Side LChainMid Upper
Side-Side LChainOut (Hard), Side-Side LChainOutLower, Side-Side LChainOutUpper
Side-Side RChainIn (Hard), Side-Side RChainIn Lower, Side-Side RChainIn Upper
Side-Side RChainMid (Hard), Side-Side RChainMid Lower, Side-Side RChainMid Upper
Side-Side RChainOut (Hard), Side-Side RChainOut Lower, Side-Side RChainOut Upper
Twist LChainIn, Twist LChainMid, Twist LChainOut
Twist RChainIn, Twist RChainMid, Twist RChainOut

You need:
  • Genesis 3
  • DAZ Studio 4.8+
  • Does not work in Poser
This product was added to our catalog on Wednesday 28 December, 2016.

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