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Body Harness Genesis 3/V7

Now you want to take your Genesis 3/V7 to the naughty side of art?
Then let her enjoy it with this sexy Body Harness.

You get:
-Body Harness for Genesis 3/V7
-3 Iray optimized Mats for the Harness

Included Morphs:

BodybuilderSize, FitnessSize, Voluptuous
BreastsImplants, BreastsDiameter, BreastsHeavy
BreastsPerkSide, BreastsSize, BreastsSmall, BreastsUnderCurve
Adjust BreastInnerUp, Adjust ChestBack, Adjust Crotch, Adjust HipBack
Adjust HipFront, Adjust NeckBack, Adjust NeckUp, Adjust UnderBreastDown
Adjust lBreastOut, Adjust lBreastTop, Adjust lHipBack, Adjust lHipFront
Adjust lHipOut, Adjust lNeckOut, Adjust rBreastOut, Adjust rBreastTop
Adjust rHipBack, Adjust rHipFront, Adjust rHipOut, Adjust rNeckOut
Adjust Center

Morphs that are not listed here automatically follow through Auto-Follow in DAZ Studio 4.8

You need:
  • Genesis 3
  • Victoria 7
  • DAZ Studio 4.8+
  • Does not work in Poser

This product was added to our catalog on Tuesday 28 July, 2015.

Interactive License (+¥359.59)